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  • 关于高考英语的作文
    栏目:周记作文 发布时间:2020-09-14 14:57


    I ‘m writing to you about my gratitude for your having brought me up and my future plan.

    Dear Mum and Dad, I am already 18 years old, which shows that I have grown up. Whenever I am thinking of this, I can’t help feeling grateful to you . It is you who first give me encoutagement when I meet with difficulties, especially when I am not getting along well with my studies. Indeed, your inspiration seems to be a lamp, which offers me light of hope, courage and confidence. And more importantly, you are always teaching me to be good to others, and try to contribute to our society.

    Dear Mum and Dad, I an now a senior three student , who is facing the competitive national college entrance examinations, So first of all, I ought to try my best to pass the exams. I am sure that through my great efforts I can and will be able to realize my beautiful dream of being a key university student. Then, I will strive to be an independent youth. The social situation I will be facing must be more competitive, so I will develop and prepare myself to be a youth with a strong sense of cooperation and competition. Believe in me, Mum and Dad, I will make a difference.

    Best regards to you .

    Yours sincerely,

    Wang Hua

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